Stallions of the Past

Oldtyme Dedication (Denny) foaled 1984 15+hh - deceased 2002

A stunning black chestnut, Denny is an outstanding individual, the culmination of many years of selective breeding at the Oldtyme Farm in Michigan. His Old Government breeding is of the best making him a very strong breeding stallion, passing on his type, athleticism, conformation, disposition, charisma and his wavy mane and tail. Shown very lightly as a 2-4 year old he had wins in the Pleasure Driving and English Pleasure divisions. He is siring typey, eye catching, athletic, beautiful foals (mostly fillies) who love people, love working for a living and are a real pleasure to be around. Denny is all stallion, having that special sparkle only stallions have he creates an unforgettable picture when he trots across the field with his long, wavy mane and tail floating through the air.

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Lauralee Phantasm (Tas) foaled 1978 14.3+hh - deceased 1998

 An outstanding liver chestnut with lots of chrome, Tas has been there and done that! Many times Champion Stallion In Hand in his younger days, he continued on to be a fabulous performance horse for his former owner. He was shown lightly in between Competitive Trail Rides with excellent results along with the having fun in the odd gymkhana. His manners off the farm are outstanding and most people are usually not aware or forget that he is a stallion. At the age of 16 Tas took up Team Penning for several years with great enthusiasm, displaying a natural talent for getting the job done. Tas passed along his wonderful disposition, conformation and type, siring In Hand and performance Champions. His Old Government/Brunk breeding has resulted in a versatile stallion with style, athleticism, beauty and type!

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Mad River Bell Buoy foaled 1968 14.3hh - deceased 1993
(Bay State Admiral x U C Reverie)

A handsome dark chestnut stallion, Bell Buoy was purchased at the age of 21 in 1989. He is pictured here 21 years old, barefoot and relaxed. A former Park horse, Bell Buoy had many wins at top US shows. He gave us foals with drive from behind and lots of athleticism. Bell Buoy has been sadly missed these past years.

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Clear River Phantom foaled 1970 15hh - deceased 1983
(Merry Knox x Bald Mt Oralee)

A beautiful liver chestnut stallion, Phantom was purchased at the age of 2 in 1972. Phantom had many wins In Hand and English Pleasure. He sired foals that were beautiful and talented. Phantom strongly resembled his sire, Merry Knox.

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Cordon Marksman foaled 1964 15hh - deceased
(Bro-Rock March On x Merry Cordelia)

A stunning red chestnut stallion, Mark was purchased at the age of 2 in 1966. Mark had many wins In Hand and many performance divisions, in addition he was a good trail horse and completed over 300 competitive trail miles. He sired foals that were beautiful and carried on his versatile traditions.

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